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Basic Life Support (BLS) Plus Ambulance


BLS Ambulance (Plus) is primarily used for transporting patients who are medically stable and do not require constant monitoring. BLS Ambulance (Plus) should only be used for non-emergency patient transfers where in the patient is not critically ill or suffering from trauma. SOS Care provides you with a Basic Plus Ambulance (Plus) which is bigger than a standard size Ambulance and may come as a Tata Winger or Tempo Traveller car with AC/non-AC options.

Equipment and Manpower


Oxygen Cylinder




First Aid Box



Ambulance BLS+

Basic Life Support (BLS) Plus Ambulances for Medical Emergencies

Ambulance Services from SOS Care acts as a pillar of support for patients all across India.Medical Emergencies can be battled within minutes right through our mobile application which can book a Basic Life Support (BLS) Plus Ambulance within seconds, at just a tap of a button! Alternatively, you can also give us a call at our 24/7 Emergency Contact Number -9111891118

Ideal Patients for BLS+ Services

Typical patients who are often in need of BLS+ Services include:

Heart patients who may or may not need cardiac monitoring

Discharged patients who need to be safely transported home

Psychiatric patients with conditions that do not allow them to be left unattended

Patients suffering from physical injuries who need a safe commute option

Why SOS Care

SOS Care provides you with medically trained and experienced professionals who undertake the most ideal processes to handle medical transportations. Here is what makes us standout:

Analysis of the emergency and activation

of the relevant emergency protocol.

Pre-hospitalization CPR to fight delay of

treatment due to commute

Use of basic first aid equipment including defibrillator,

Oxygen Mask, Oxygen Cylinder, Ambu Bag, Stretcher, First Aid Box.

Post CPR and resuscitation care to

increase the chances of survival.

SOS Care Process of Providing Basic Life Support Services

Here is how we handle every emergency request received:

Request Accepted: All the requests received through our app or the emergency contact helpline are lodged within seconds.

Ambulance Dispatch: Based on the condition of the patient and the request made, a BLS+ ambulance with all the necessary equipment is dispatched.

Patient Onboard: The patient is reached within minutes, boarded on the ambulance, and provided with relevant first-aid or stabilizing support.

Reaching the Hospital: Keeping the response as quick as possible, the patient is safely transported to the hospital for immediate medical treatment.

Avail our Basic Life Support Plus Ambulance service by getting in touch with us with a single click through our mobile app. You can also call us at our 24/7 Emergency Ambulance Service Number – 9111891118.

Why SOS Care ?


SOS Care is India’s largest aggregator of Ambulances, Doctors and Medical Care at Home. SOS Care Services are now available in top 15 cities in India.
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Cochin, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkatta, Lucknow, Mohali, Mumbai, Patna, Pune, Panchkula



In-case of emergencies, we connect you to the right medical resource, instantly



Verified responders with live tracking are some of the features that ensures you are in safe hands


Strong Network

2000+ validated Ambulances and 1000+ Doctors on-board



Round the clock services to manage medical requirements on a national scale



Affordable pricing with high quality services



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Emergency Help

In-case of emergencies, dial 91118 91118. We connect you to the right medical resource, instantly.

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A dedicated 24*7 customer support team always at your service to help solve any problem

Your Safety first

All our responders are verified and validated to insure your safety.